A specialist division within the Lane Group providing both buyers and sellers with a bespoke service.

Town & Country Homes can cover a wide spectrum of properties, and in each area the price at which this service starts can vary. Properties featured within this Town & Country division tend to be individual homes, both modern and old, situated in a prominent location, and offering some unique quality.

If you are selling this type of property we understand that it deserves a different kind of approach. National marketing becomes even more important - we utilise the most effective portal websites including www.rightmove.co.uk, and www.primelocation.co.uk.

Local advertising is headed with the Town and Country logo, differentiating this specialist division. High quality brochures are prepared on 250g/m paper, the cost of which are included in our commission. Floor plans can also be included.

The Group also boasts exclusive membership of the Mayfair Office, located in the heart of London's Mayfair. This prominent office liaises all our national PR and advertising, including Country Life, Horse and Hound, national newspapers and Evening Standard.

Customer service is also very important to us. Either the managing partner, or branch manager will personally oversee the marketing of your home.

This means that you will receive the best advice, regular market updates, and the peace of mind that the most experienced estate agent is handling your home.

To find out more about Town & Country Homes, contact your local office.